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K- oriental dancer, performer and instructor

Message Foy You From Lena

I am from Romania and moved to Japan 15 years ago .
My passion for belly dancing started in 2008. Start learning professionally in 2011. From 2012 I have been a part of a belly dancing group named Killikiya and I have been very blessed to be working with such amazing dancers for two years.
To improve my skills in belly dancing I’ve learned from the best.Attending WS of international instructors and choreographers here in Japan and in the USA. (To name a few), Randa Kamel , Mercedes Nieto , Tito Seif , Mohamed Shahin , Alla Kushnir , Sadie Marquardt , Louchia, Mohamed Kazafy, Faren Ben Azira.
I have learned so much from those instructors. They all bring a different style and passion of belly dance,which has now made me want to become a teacher of this beautiful art , so that i can share this passion and experience that I have with you.
“never miss a chance to dance “